Sunday, January 31, 2010

{ho-hum} Patchword parade

Time and energy seem to be disproportionate to inspiration and motivation in the winter.
So while I have the time, I have no motivation.
I hate it when that happens.
It seems like whenever I am pressed for time and energy, I get explosive bursts of creative ideas and I just want to be in my studio making art.
But this weekend, (with Friday = snowday bonus) I haven't made a single thing. I've tried looking for inspiration, but I just want to be curled up under a quilt.

So I am taking the week off from blogging to try to gather up some mojo and hopefully I will feel inspired again soon.

On Wednesday I will have another inspiration parade for you. ;-)

For now, I've got a lovely collection of quilt and bedroom pictures from We Heart It. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doppleganger week....

I have been told that I look like Zooey Deschanel.....I don't mind that one bit.
She is a style icon!!
I don't have her blue eyes, of course.

I HAVE to figure out how she did that french braid with bangs...I tried and it was super hard...made my arms and fingers cramp up... I just couldn't get it to look right.

p.s. NO, I STILL haven't seen 500 Days of Summer!!

And if Doppleganger week was last week {technically}, sorry for the late post! I still found it blog-worthy!! :-)

Hope you are having a lovely Friday!!

Tentacle {Parade}

This parade is brought to you by the letter 'O'.
I {heart} the octopus.

Recently Etsy had a whole treasury of octopus goodness on the front page.
Wow, some seriously cool stuff out there.

I don't know what it is....but I just love the tentacles and the little suction cup thingies...

These are inspiring me right now....a little parade from We heart It.

Gotta have some cupcakes in there....

Because owl and octopus both start with the letter 'o'...they naturally go together.

I like it that an octopus can be either cute or scary....


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Sew glad...

I am 'sew' glad that I signed up for this online class....I am learning so much and I am making the cutest stuff that I probably wouldn't be inclined to do otherwise. I just finished the cutest little cosmetic bag...normally I would take a photo during the daytime (not with photobooth)...but I am just so excited to show it off!! Enjoy!

I lined the inside with fabric so that I could add the lace around the edges and also cover up the hand stitching on the back of the main flap....

Isn't he soooo cute! :-)

Looking for some inspiration with felt or paper?? One of my favorite bloggers ever {LollyChops} just created her first video tutorial!! Go check out the inspiring*cute*awesome*funny tutorial on how to make a flower...using felt or is AWESOME!!!.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hair Bow, Happy Monday!!

I am passing along to you an awesome tutorial (find it here) on how to make your own hair bows. I took some plain elastic and sewed it into a band and stitched my hair bow to it.....way easy and fun!! Took about 10 minutes.

How was your weekend? I crafted all night on Friday, taught a birthday card workshop on Saturday afternoon and spend Saturday night watching Season 1 of The Tudors. I am loving all of the rich textured fabrics and beautiful jewelry.

Hope you are having a great day!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thrifting the weekend away.....

Last weekend was so nice! Well, it was rainy and foggy...but I stayed up late crafting and slept really late...I also got some great finds at thrifty shops around town. Here are some of my favorite finds:

This owl was gold...I turned him green...lime green...isn't he so cool!!! I am still trying to find the perfect place for him.

These owls are going in my bathroom...on a shelf...they will look so cool in there!

Okay...I have wanted to create some spray painted birds every since I saw the idea over at Rachie's Place. Read more here.

In addition to all the cutie birds, I also found a box of vintage fabric at the flea market.....for $10...these are my favorites:

I already used that green polka dot stuff on my colored pencil sketchbook!

But there are tons of them....perfect for practicing my new sewing skills....

...and she even threw in some really cool quilt blocks!

Well, I hope you are having a great weekend too!!