Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine Fever

I have been making Valentines like crazy.

I am really into simple cards.
I should probably make more cards with silly sayings...but that isn't really my reason for making cards....
I like good design and a pretty color scheme.

These cards were really easy to make using scraps of paper.
Above: All close to my heart...Below: same design with some Hambly!

A lot of the stamps I have been using came from the dollar stamp bin...and I tried to use a lot of punches this year!

This design is super simple to create over and over again.
All of these cards are going to a local hospital for Valentines Day.
I tried to make them non-gender specific....I guess men are used to getting pink/red Valentines??

Check back later this week to see the cards that I am sending to Winter for her St. Jude's card drive.
I hope to get them in the mail early this week...just waiting on the sun to shine so I can get a good picture of my last batch!

Thanks for reading!!


Rose said...

I love your layouts, they are eye catching!

helena said...

love the designs - my kind of cards. May well borrow some of the designs for my next card making session

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the brown and red together,and my favorite combines the birdcage with the grid. Such a fabulous eye!

Rachel said...

I'm really loving the brown/blue/pink scheme in the first couple of cards. I like brown with valentines; it's kind of unexpected and rich.
Very lovely! :)

Sarah said...

I feel a LIFT coming on...
These are AWESOME! Simple and clean and beautiful...just my style.

{melissa} said...

so cute!!!

Winter said...

So cute! Clean & Simple are my favorite! So glad to hear you are bringing those to a local hospital! They are going to love them, and you will be so Blessed for it! :)