Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mid-Week Ramblings.....

Hey peeps!

Its Wednesday. Its been raining all week.

My weekend was very relaxing. And my week has been pretty good so far.

Over the weekend, I finally finished Lost. I had been saving the last few episodes so that I could watch them all at once. Wow, it was crazy....I cried so much! I am sad to see it go but I loved the ending.

I also watched the MTV movie awards. Pretty funny, I liked the Katy Perry performance. She looked like Wonder Woman--just a little bit

I finally watched 500 Days of Summer. Wow, so funny and sweet and pretty and sad. I loved it. I am sad I never watched it sooner.


I spent time with family and friends.
 My niece--so cute!

 My hair dresser---(I need a trim, btw!) and good friend Christina.

I made a yummy snack: a slice of roasted turkey lunch meat with a slice of avocado and tomato with a squeeze of lime. A very delicious roll up!

On Monday I went for an early morning walk in the was beautiful and refreshing. Later that night I watched the Bachelorette. Check out this funny commentary on the episode!

Wow, this is the best I could come up with to blog about. As you can see, my week has been pretty boring...and I even left out the other boring stuff about my dentist appointment and my TWO after school meetings this week.

Today marks the half way point of summer school. That's right. Only two weeks left. I can't wait to get out! I just booked a trip to Lake Havasu (via Las Vegas) on the 4th of July. I am super excited to see my sweet little nephew who just started crawling and be on vacation!

I developed some Holga pictures from my KC trip. I hope to scan those and blog about them soon. I hope I get motivated to make some stuff this week. I signed up for a craft swap and a journal challenge! I don't know if I just need inspiration or I am just burned out--I've got to get in gear and make some stuff soon!

Be sure to bounce over to the Birds of a Feather blog today to read my post about my food journal!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photos for a Friend {Michelle}

 Okay, truth: I am quickly learning that kids under age 4 are really difficult to photograph. Especially the little brother in the following photos. He would barely look at me, he didn't smile once and he was literally running for the entire shoot. I am posting some of the cute ones where he actually glanced up at me...Enjoy!

 Running, running, running away!
 Big sis was a pro at posing!

 This was the only way I could get them both in a picture, he would not sit down with  her or hold her hand or anything!

 Hope you are having a great week!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Style Sunday {17}

Chris Colfer. I wish he was my real-life BFF---so we could totally go shoe shopping and give makeovers. His wardrobe on Glee is so cool!! This kid is the reason I started watching the show in the first place....that football episode with 'All the Single Ladies' was my favorite ever!! All of these photos are from

I hope you have enjoyed this series with the cast of Glee. IF you just now found this blog, I've been doing 'Style Sunday' for a while and I have several previous entries recently from the cast of Glee. Hope your Sunday is special (I am in KC!!) see you soon!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mini Journal

I am so glad that I decided to take the "Tell Your Story" art journal class. It has been amazingly inspirational. Also, I have enjoyed getting together every week with a good friend, Angela. We met via Flickr and realized that we lived near each other so we get together every week and force ourselves to work on the prompts. I've managed to stay pretty caught up. Not every page is completely finished (even though the class just ended, sad face) I can go back to the ones that aren't quite done when I am feeling inspired, or when I fee like finishing them.

The pages in this post are from a mini-journal that we learned how to make in the class. Basically, I selected pages from a favorite catalog and folded them in half and stitched down the middle for a perfectly sized, perfectly beautiful art journal to take on-the-go. These images are from a recent Urban Outfitters catalog.
I love the cover. Nellielicious. Its a book of confessions and realizations.
This page isn't really finished, but I like looking at it.

The idea is to draw, paint, write, collage on the pages when we are feeling inspired. Its a great way to up-cycle these beautiful publications after we look at them!

My centerfold....I love this picture... I can hardly wait to finish it!! I'm waiting until I have something perfect to write on the sand.
A pretty little thieves' inspired page!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photos for a Friend {Cousin Karla}

I have the most beautiful family in the world!! My cousin has the most beautiful boys--they could be models, I swear!  Her boys actually look just like my dad when he was a kid....Enjoy!!