Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DIY Wall Art

This is project 2 from style school. I must say....it isn't one of my most favorite things ever...I feel like it is missing something, but it will do for now, even if it does undergo some changes in the future. I am not really sure where to hang it....

Now if I could only get my hands on some polaroid film or that fujifilm instant camera....I am waiting to do the other wall art project until I have the perfect film. :-) Oh, and I need to buy an album frame...not sure where to get one of those.

Notes on Monday's speaker.....just skip this part if you don't find learning and human behavior fascinating.....I really wanted to jot them down so that they would stick with me.
Our speaker was incredibly funny!! The main things I will take away from his speaking:
1. Post-its....can generate big ideas and main ideas
2. Accessible and ??? (also, my addiction to Words with friends was validated today: people who play challenging word games fight off old age, and memory by keeping parts of the brain active)
3. If kids find a pattern, they find meaning
4. Manipulation is at the heart of teaching :-)
5. Cognition and sleep are related...nothing makes it into long term memory without repetition through sleep
6. Prediction is extending the pattern, not solving the problem
7. High yield instructional strategies: advance questions, cues and organizers; generating and testing hypothesis; nonlinguistic representation; summarizing and note taking; identifying similarities and differences 'in terms of'
8. 20 minutes is what it takes for stress to leave the brain and a person is able to be cognitive again
9. Boys see big ideas, girls see the details
10. Brain looks for opportunities to find emotional safety and engagement (when the brain experiences an emotionally competent stimulus we can connect: laugh or cry or has a connection to the past)


Rachel said...

Ah, but that is cute cute. The fabric is great. :)

sharyncarlson said...

I think your project turned out great! And as for album frames, if I'm thinking of the right kind, they sell them cheaply at Michaels.