Monday, January 11, 2010

Style School Goal # 1

I am soooo excited about Style School starting. The first thing I need to do is make a list of goals....hmmmm. I am working on that one along with my style binder full of inspiring pictures. The first goal I have decided to blog about actually started bothering me a few weeks ago.

I need to revamp my studio space. I've got a great room with wonderful lighting and great windows....but it just seems so cramped and haphazard. I started organizing some of my supplies yesterday, but I am looking for studio inspiration today!!

A few things are for certain:
1. Declutter
2. Find a few favorite vintage decor items and make a focal point
3. Create an inspiration wall
4. make the room pretty
5. Paint on my drawers/shelving to make it cooler
6. hang up a clothes line and cover it with cool stuff\
7. Spray paint some stuff
8. Get a new computer chair with some cool fabric.
9. Find a way to store my headbands so that they are not on my lampshade
10. Get more vintage Bridge cards....I have a cool collection going so far!

Here are some shots of things that I like. Sorry, the pictures aren't linked back to the sources...these came from my desktop style file..... ;>)

As you can see, my the current state of my space is nothing like the things that I really, really love:

I notice that I like a lot of pastels...and things hanging on the wall. I need to clear up some wall space, I would like to also find a way to incorporate my vintage camera collection somehow. I know that this will be a long process, and I am looking forward the next 6 weeks!! Thanks for reading.

P.S. I am really enjoying following all of my classmates on Twitter...Okay, not all of them and I don't read every blog, but the ones I have found so!


Sarah said...

While I LOVE your craft space I did notice, as did you, that all your picks were very light pastel colors and your studio right now is very dark with a lot of black :0)
Can't wait to see what you do to it!!!

{melissa} said...

looks so fun!! can't wait to see your creations :)