Sunday, January 17, 2010

Style School Inspiration Binder {part 2}

Our first assignment was to create an inspiration binder.

I spent time Friday night updating my binder including my goals, page for 'things i have always loved' and week 1 notes.

Here is a peak at the journaling and page layouts that I have completed so far. Check back through out the week for a look at project 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. ;=) This class is certainly keeping me busy. I will attempt every project, but some days there are bonus activities and it is a lot to keep up with! I must say that this is exactly what I need right now...a chance to use up a bunch of supplies I already have and to learn how to make new things. I am also getting tons of practice with my sewing machine!

Style School Goals
  1. Re-Vamp my studio space (I already sorta made a post about goal #1 a while back)
  2. Learn something new
  3. Make new friends and get inspiration and support from them
  4. Recognize and analyze what I REALLY LIKE and incorporate it into my attire, decor and artwork
  5. Get some tips and shortcuts for making new projects, esp. sewing…
  6. Use supplies that I already have on hand

I Have Always Loved:
  • I have always loved lots of COLOR. Patterns, like patterned paper and fabric are some of my favorite places to find beautiful colors and textures.
  • I have always loved STICKERS and STAMPS! Tiny images are my favorite little things.
  • I have always love ANIMAL stuff. I generally gravitate towards anything with a cute little critter on it.
  • I have always loved using PHOTOS in my creations. I love to create mini-albums, scrapbooks and collages with photos.
  • I have always loved COLLAGES. I love anything that has tons of little parts and a variety of textures.
  • I have always loved learning new PROCESSES. Even if I am not great at something, I want to give it a try anyway.

Whew!! Notes from week 1:

1. Time management is important. I am glad that I am taking this class in the winter when I don’t have a lot going on in the evenings. I am able to devote some time each day to part of the project.

2. I created 2 of the projects and wasn’t totally happy with them at first. I revisited them a couple of days later and added something new or took something away and found that I really liked them a lot more.

3. I am trying to use as many supplies as I can that I already have on hand…but some projects call for expensive frames. I am totally broke this month….I can’t wait for week2, so that I can hopefully buy some of the supplies.

4. I am afraid I will get way behind.

5. My favorite thing this week was learning how to make the flower brooches. I wouldn’t have thought of putting a transparency over the patterned paper.

6. I really liked making the wreath. I have been wanting to make one of those!!

Week 2 notes....coming soon.... :-)
I can't wait to make a little collage for each week!! :-)


Lisa Brown said...

What a great project, Nellie! Thanks for shaing!

sharyncarlson said...

Love your binder! Definitely makes me wish I had signed up for this class!