Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday SNOW DAY bonus POST!!!

Sort of random, so get ready.

Found this really cool winter photo collage at It has some really inspiring winter pictures.

Here are some crafty/wintery pictures that are inspiring me right now:

(sorry that I don't have sources for all....some were in my style school folder)
(birds) (deer and pompom wreath) (vintage doilies as art)

I am loving the snow right now.

I went out today with Holga and shot some awesome pictures, I can't wait to get them developed. Hope I get some good ones.

In the mean time, here are some shots from my D500. Enjoy!

p.s. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW because of snow! I am so happy right now!

Also, I read a challenge over on A Beautiful Mess....Elsie is challenging herself to make 10 paintings this week and share them on her blog. If she can complete the challenge she is going to reward herself with a new camera. Hmmmm....I REALLY want a Fujifilm Mini 7s....BAD....

So I can make something cool like this:

so I am going to try to figure out a challenge for myself too....I need to design a workshop for birthday cards...and I also want to make some Valentines....good thing I have tomorrow off.....
Wish me luck!

Hope your January is full of inspiration and beauty!!

xoxo Nellie Mae


Kara said...

Those pics are gorgeous! LOVE the color of your coat.

I so want a instax too, sigh.

Sarah said...

You are so talented woman!

sharyncarlson said...

Very cool pics! Enjoy your snow day:) I'm jealous!