Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mini Album for 2010

So I totally meant to post this yesterday...But I didn't do much of anything yesterday. Everything felt sort of boring: bookstore was boring, food was boring, going out was boring....So I went to bed early. Maybe it wasn't boring somuchas it wasn't warm....Yesterday it was sooooo cold here that all I wanted to do was snuggle up under a blanket.

I've been working towards my one little word. GIVE. It is probably the best new years resolution ever. I just finished 30 Valentine cards for a local hospital and today I am going to make a stack of cards to help Winter and her drive for St. Jude's Valentine cards for kids. (If you like making cards, this is a very great opportunity to pass on some love!) I think this is a great cause. Yesterday, I taught an art class at a local gallery and I am going to donate my pay back to the art center for art class scholarships for kids. Giving really does feel great and doing one thing....inspires me to do more.

Okay, so here is that mini-book with tons of Hambly that I mentioned a couple of days ago. This is one of those little creations that I needed to make. I had to push through a spell of the creative blahs and just finish it. I also had to use up some supplies that I have been hoarding forever. To see each page with more detail check out my flickr set.

Also, snow days are great for crazy nails:

Well, I am off to prepare for a day of making Valentines, photographing a bunch of rainbow cupcakes I made yesterday and hanging out with my girlies, watching movies!!


Courtney Baker said...

Wow I'm totally loving your album! I adore all the Hambly goods!

Leslie said...

so glad to hear you are helping Winter with the Vday cards. She said she had about 29 so far. I sent 6 last week that she hasn't gotten yet. I can't wait to see yours, I know they will great. All your work is so colorful.

Sarah said...

Awesome book!!!!
Your nails are total cuteness.
Yay for you and you word GIVE!!!!

Lisa Brown said...

Love your project and especially love all of your giving! Such an inspiration!