Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentines {For Winter}

I am so inspired by Winter this month!! She is hosting a Valentine card drive for the children at St. Jude's hospital. I am going to try to get my 16 cards in the mail to her this week!! I have them all done...just don't ever seem to have time to hit the post office.

Its not to late to join in if you want to send a couple of cards, every single card will make a child feel better on Valentine's Day!! Here are the cards I am sending her!! I hope they make someone very happy and feel very special. I made 8 of each one.

A friend gave me this paper and I just fell in love with it on top of the blue cardstock. I hope boys don't mind getting a pink hippo...I am not sure if hippos are really gender boys are dogs and girls are cats....or whatever....

(Funny story: at school today the p.e. coach asked me about one of the drawings in the hall. After looking more closely at did look like something totally inappropriate...but it said right on the drawing 'fling hipow' {flying hippo} It was colored with a flesh colored marker and it was a rather skinny, wrinkly hippo...if you can imagine that...I may have to share a picture of it...)

I really wanted this one to have some of the traditional valentine elements so I used some paper heart doilies behind the little panda. I am not so great at coming up with clever 'beary valentine' sayings so I just went with the standard 'be mine'.

I am feeling pretty good about my New Year's is yours going?

Thanks for reading!


helena said...

lovely cards - like the animals for sending to kids

Leslie said...

great cards. Yes please post a photo of the flying hippo. Sounds very interesting.

Winter said...

So cute! Thank you so much for all of your help in the card drive! :)