Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holga Pics

More snow in the forecast!! Yay!

Hoping to get a few more days off.....but we'll see.....I need to force myself to do something crafty. Just haven't been feeling a lot of mojo lately.

Went out Sunday and took a few pictures with my Holga camera and some slide film. Got a couple of cool double exposures.

Hey look, I'm Picasso!

What do you do to amp up your mojo when you just aren't feeling it? Power through, force yourself to make something? Forget junk on t.v., blog hop??? Any ideas on where to get some great inspiration at the moment?


sharyncarlson said...

I'm loving these photos! When I'm not feeling it, I usually either power through it and make something anyway, organize my craft supplies, or look at a non-crafting mag. Usually does the trick :)

Leslie said...

neat pictures. how fun!