Thursday, January 21, 2010

Studio Toolbelt while I am working on losing my mind...

Project 4 for style school was to create a studio toolbelt. YAY!! A sewing project!!! I found the coolest fabric at JoAnn's a while back and I just knew it would be great for this apron!! I had to add a few details to make it more me....I LOVE Aprons!!

Crochet ribbon lace and a felt deer from CTMH:
A vintage doily with buttons....sewn on to the pocket....
And I think the cream lace at the bottom makes it much more feminine.

Oh and I went out thrifting last weekend....Found the perfect office chair for my craft room. It is much smaller than the huge black one that I did have in there. It is sort of a yellow-orange color...doesn't really go with the other colors that I have in the room, but it was so vintage and only $14, I HAD to have it. It matches my tool belt recover or add some new colors to my decor....I must decide.
Marley likes it.....

I am going a bit crazy this month.
I am soooo forgetful.
Not dates or things I have committed to or anything like that....

I keep misplacing important things and it is driving me crazy.

Things I have lost:

1. Fabric-- I put it away before Christmas and searched the entire house. Luckily, I finally found it in the basement.
2. My tripod. It is gone.
3. Artwork examples -- forcing me to hastily re-create artwork minutes before the kids are walking in the door
4. My checkbook. I seriously do not know where it is. Boooo!

In other news, I have cavities. I went to the dentist last week and he said that cavities exist because of 3 reasons: genetics, home care, and diet. Basically, I realized that I need to seriously stop drinking soda pop and cut out the sugar. I am addicted to candy and sweets. Since last week, I have really been taking my dentist seriously. Only one drink of real Pepsi on Saturday (and a couple of diet 7ups-- do those count?) and absolutely no other treats. Well, fat free vanilla wafers...and peanut butter and jelly. Otherwise, I have been steering clear of chocolate, cookies, leftover christmas/halloween candy, cupcakes, and anything else that has loads of sugar in it.

So, I feel like I am working on losing my mind a little bit at this point. Ever feel that way?


Maria Ontiveros said...

The apron is fab! Such awesome colors. I lost a layout recently. I know I did it. I even took a photo to submit to a challenge, and I have the photo on my computer. But I've looked high and low - no l/o. Weird.

helena said...

love all the details you added, especially the buttons

Kassidy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...when can we make one for ME!?!?

Sarah said...

Ouch on the dentist thing!
That Apron has to be by far the most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. I flippin LOVE it...How much to make me one????

Tarynne said...

your apron is adorable! we bought fabric a couple months back, my Mom is going to make mine. I don't know how to sew! And after getting glossy accents on a nice shirt, I figured it was time for an aprin!

I know how you feel about the dental problems! I'm big on sweets too and am in the process of getting my dental "sitaution" figured out =] I was never big on soda, but sweets, yeeeessss! So I'm killing two birds, less sweets = less dental problems and less extra pounds too! Hang in there, one day you won't even miss soda!!