Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Everybody loves Brownies!!

It is amazing what you can learn from blogs.
I love finding inspiration from the blogosphere.
I follow Rachel's blog and she recently shared a picture and explained that she was learning about TtV.

TtV stands for Through the Viewfinder.

After a bit of research and some link clicking, I realized that I could totally do TtV myself.
All I needed was my Brownie Hawkeye camera, a black piece of cardstock wrapped around it (basically) and taped in place to keep the glare out and my Nikon D5000.
Wow, no film or anything.
Such a simple process.

Here is my very first picture!

Shoot the Brownie towards an object, using plenty of light...
Once the Brownie is in place (I set mine on a table), wrap the pre-scored and cut black piece of card stock around it and then aim (my D5000 with standard lens) down the hole.

Since the viewfinder for the brownie is on top, I can lign up my zoom with the viewfinder of the brownie and get a really cool image.

Well, it doesn't start out fact it just looks like a yellow-whiteish blurry dot amidst a sea of black...its really hard to tell if you've got the image in focus.

You basically just have to shoot like crazy and then once you upload your photos, you can crop them down and see what you've got.
Total coolness!!!
I did all of my editing in iPhoto....just cropped it down to a square and adjusted the lighting a bit.

I just had to set up a little photo shoot today.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Oh Diana....such a beauty:

Couldn't resist:

I even like the blurry ones:

There is a super cool Flickr group for this type of photography, with a lot more experienced members than me. Check out their amazing images!!

Well thanks for reading....if you decide to give TtV a try, I would love to see your images too!!


Rubyellen said...

totally cool! i am so excited about this too!!!

Sarah said...

OK you are....amazing....crazy..talented...gifted...funny...obsessed!!! LOL

RachelDenbow said...

Yours look so much better than mine! Thanks for posting what worked for you. I think I may scrap my cardboard and try black cardstock next.

jermit1212 said...

I am loving it! I can't wait to try. Ladies, she didn't even post the her best ones.....of me. Experimental photography is where it's at.

Anonymous said...

Very neat! I've seen the photos before but I create them the hard way (with layers in PS).

Miranda said...

I am so excited to try this, My hubby just bought me a Brownie today, not even knowing I was wanting one. How cool is that!