Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Style School Inspiration Binder

Along with starting a folder on my computer, signing up for We Heart It and stuffing my [heart] folder with tons of photo-goodness, I am also creating a real binder to keep all my magazine clippings filled with things that inspire me for my Style School homework. You know what? Prior to doing this homework, I had stacks and stacks of things I had found in magazines but I just didn't know what to do with it all. It was completely unorganized.

At a crop a couple of weeks ago, I lugged it all in with me armed with cardstock, scissors and glue and I started making little collages and hole punching my favorite things for my home, wardrobe and other areas of inspiration.

Wow-zers!! Such a fun book to make. I think we will eventually make a binder as part of the class, but this one works for now. Behind the tabbed sections are pockets of clear sleeves so that I can stuff things in there and sort them when I have time.

This will be a great place to turn when I am not feeling my creative juices flowing. I can flip through this book to get some ideas. Recently at a unit meeting for my Close to My Heart team we talked about the power of subliminal messages. We watched this video.

Yvonne discussed how our brain is like a computer, it is constantly gathering data whether we realize it or not, it is storing visual images.

Some people are really good at accessing those images and sometimes the images are just running in the background. We talked about how as artists (crafters) it is okay to surf the blogs or look through magazines in order to gain inspiration. Our brain is recording data and even though we may not copy an idea exactly, a particular color scheme or design layout is recorded for later use. Of course, we decided that too much blog surfing doesn't get anything done, a fair amount is generally good for stimulating creativity.

Just passing some inspiration your way....hope you are staying warm! And if you are snowed in, you might consider putting together your own little inspiration folder! ;-)


helena said...

love the stuff you have collected and what a great idea for using all the bits I collect along the way

Sarah said...

This is awesome Nellie. I love your list of FAVS . That little tree with the crocheted flower on it is fab. I am inspired all the time...but at 40 something I lose so much...I have to write these things down. I have always wanted to be an artist...but I don't have the skill to be able to draw really well. I can copy VERY well...my kids love the fact that they can show me a Pokemon and Mom can draw it for them HA HA! Stamping and card making has been a huge artistic release for me...but still I am always looking for that inspiration...only now at least I am able to produce something that I can live with!
Wow that was long winded...!!!

Anonymous said...

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