Monday, June 25, 2012

Retro Vacation Photos {Sweden}

After my two-week excursion in Italy, I craved more adventure. The opportunity to spend a summer in Sweden with the MSSU art department was exactly the perfect college experience. If you look at any photos from any kid who has ever been on the MSSU summer in Sweden trip, they will all probably have photos just like mine. The MSSU art department has a alliance with the  Mullsjö folkhögskola. You can read a bit about their educational programming here:  While we were there we took classes during the week making art and writing papers, and then went sight-seeing tours each weekend. It was fun to 'live' in a foreign country, even if it was only about 6 weeks, because we actually felt like we were more than just tourists. 

When we landed in Sweden, it seemed entirely possible that gnomes were in fact hiding in the forests and would jump out from behind the trees at any moment. I loved walking along the lake trails.   

Since we were not traveling with EF tours, we were on our own to find transportation for meals and entertainment. It was really fun to catch trains.

Midsummer in Sweden means that we were there during the summer solstice and the days lasted much longer than back home. It was only fully dark for a short time in the middle of the night, so we experienced a lot of 'twilight' time. Evenings stretched on and on to midnight. It was awesome.

I am sure it gets very cold in the winter because when we jumped in this lake with all of our clothes on in the middle a sunny June day, we were frozen!

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