Monday, June 11, 2012

Retro Vacation Photos {Family Lessons}

When it comes to family vacations, two epic road trips don't really make me an expert. However, after looking back through these photos dozens of times for this series of Retro Vacation photos, I realized that there are a lot of valuable stories to tell. And there are a few things that I know for sure. Here are a few DOs and Don'ts to consider if you are planning a long road trip this summer. 
 1. When starting out on a long journey, everyone is enthusaiastic about the DO make sure that you capture those moments.

2. But as the trip wears does our patience for each other. Make sure that you DO capture those moments too.

3. Even if you have to follow your family around with the camera and take pictures when they least expect it:
my dad and i make the same face when my mom photo 'bombs' us
4. When you get to the ocean, make sure you DO frolic on the beach:
5. And DO enjoy the crisp, cool fresh sea air:
6. Remember kids, your parents will embarrass you:

7. But DO all of the SILLY touristy things that you possibly can along the way:

8. Even if they are a tad dangerous:

9. And remember, its not a vacation until you feed something cute out of the palm of your hand:

10. Just DON'T feed the bears:

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Lori said...

Love it!!! Especially the one about enjoying the fresh air.