Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Using technology in the art room: Percolator App

After seeing the 'Santa Up Close and Abstracted' post waaaaaaay back in December, I downloaded the Percolator App. Ms. Fuglestad is an incredibly talented art teacher, who actually received the Illinois art teacher of the year award in the same ceremony at the National Conference, so we haven't officially met, but I have seen her in real I sort of know her. ;-) If you are looking for some inspiration in your classroom, check out her amazing blog and especially watch the video on this post where she showcase her incredible use of technology in the art classroom with very young students. Makes me feel WAAAAAY ancient and behind the times.

Anyway, the percolator app is pretty cool and she used it in her classroom in a very real way....I'm hoping to find a way to incorporate iPads in the classroom in the future. This would be a great way to do it. I love how you can take either a photo or a drawing and apply a filter in the Percolator app. It yields beautiful results.

All of the photos below were taken on my iPhone. If you are looking for something creative for your own kids to do at home this summer, or a way to incorporate technology in the classroom, you might consider giving this app a whirl. 

This was a painting by one of my students. I love how it morphed into this abstracted design.

A photo of shells

The next few photos are from a recent post,  Out and About in Galveston, Tx

a drawing from my sketchbook!

a mural from my classroom

A gorgeous student painting of a tiger from the end of the year
I tested out a variety of photos and I think I used basically the same filter for all of my images, because it was the one that I personally liked the most. It would be so fun to give my students total control so that they could experiment with all of the options available on the app. 

If you decide to try it out, please share a link below, I would love to see your (or your kids') work!!


Anonymous said...

I love this app going to try it tonight. I take a lot of pictures mainly to use in other projects. Most of which I never start. Now I'm excited again, thanks for the post. L

Heather said...

I use the app as a follow up project to a color wheel that fifth grade creates. It's a great activity to look forward to after completing an important, but tedious 18-color color wheel. You can see examples here: