Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Retro Vacation Photos {Road Trip: Yellowstone and the Oregon Coast}

In my previous post about my retro vacation photos, I mentioned that I had kept a travel journal to record all of the special things that happened on the trip.  I'm sure I didn't write about this in my journal, but my mom always rode in the car with one foot resting on the dash (she may have even driven awhile in that position). I know it is her foot because of the polished nails and the toe ring. It is the sort of memory that gets tucked away into childhood and only resurfaces again when reminiscing with a sibling. 

This was probably my first trip when I got to operate my own camera. I have no idea what kind of camera or film I was using. Some of the photos in this series may not be from my camera, we all took turns taking photos, but they are all sort of lovely.

A rainy day in Yellowstone park.

Old Faithful

There are many, many more photos from the trip, but these are my favorite shots.
So much variety in the landscapes. Makes me crave a good road trip out west.

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LifeOntheFarmAlabama said...

absolutly lovely! makes me crave a vacation as well.. I was actually cabin searching today for a Smokey Mountain trip :) Have a Blessed Weekend.