Friday, November 13, 2009

What the what?!?!

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Blogger user study with Google. Basically, I had to write a diary entry every day that I made a post and at the end of the two weeks I had to be on the phone with someone at Google for an hour answering follow-up questions and providing some feedback. Very easy, I made a little extra money, no big deal. I was happy to participate.

I was surprised to find that a few days later, along with my gift checks was a card. A HAND-WRITTEN thank you card from Google! Google is a huge company, yet someone took the time to tell me thank you...and it wasn't a computer generated letter, it was an actual card. As a card crafter, this meant so much to me. It is up on my mantle.

I miss making cards for fun...I don't feel like I have had time to make regular cards lately I am sort of looking for a good color inspiration challenge site...I don't really like sketch challenges but I LOVE color challenges. Does anyone know of a good one?

In other news....
I hope to attend a crop at some point this weekend...I have a lot going on....but I have a list of projects that I would like to revisit in the near future so that they don't get lost in the shuffle before the year ends.
Project 52
One Little Word
December Daily (basic book is put together, YAY!)

Are you attempting to finish any of these same projects? I would love to see what you have going on with your December Daily, One Little Word or Project 52...


Rachel said...

A handwritten card from Google--very cool indeed!
I'm giving up on December Daily for this year. I didn't get through it last year and it frustrated me, so no thanks! Maybe next year I'll take up the challenge again.
I've been doing a 365 book this year, a photo a day, and haven't kept up very well, but I'm hoping to get it all put together before the year's end. We shall see!
I also tried Emily Falconbridge's 52 weeks of tags challenge, but fell of that bandwagon earlier in the year. Not so good with the follow through, me! :)

Elizabeth said...

Nice of Google to thank you in a personal note. Hardly ever happens these days. Yes, I am doing the December Daily this year and have the album all made up. I just have to take a photo each day and write the journaling as it happens. I attempted to make one last year but life got in the way. This year, I will definitely finish it.

helena said...

i'm impressed they took the time to send a card.

have you visited stacy julian's colour inspiration she posts each Friday?

helena said...

oh and i forgot the other good palce for colour inspiration is kuler - people save palettes and give them a name so you can search on a word and then pick one of the palettes as a colour inspiration / challenge

Jamie Harder said... cool is that?

Lisa Brown said...

Very nice of them to send you a card! ...I am so behind on Project 52! Need to get with it...!!!