Tuesday, November 10, 2009

{team Jacob} Awwww yeah!

Sorry for so much family news lately....I was working on my Christmas cards in the waiting room yesterday so I hope to post some crafty stuff soon!!

Baby was born today, totally healthy and gorgeous!

Here I am with my sisters in the delivery room an hour or so before the baby came. We are sporting our 'Team Jacob' shirts...hehe....Rene's shirt looks like Jacob's body is for her head! Hilarious.


Karen Wilson said...

Oh, congrats Auntie Nellie Mae!! Wow! What an adorable and handsome little boy. Great photo by the way, LOVE those shirts! I was thinking the same about your sister's head, that's quite a post baby bod! WOOOHOOO!! (hehehe)

Congrats to all!

Sarah said...

Aww he is darling!!! Glad all went well and he is healthy! Too fun about the shirts.