Sunday, November 22, 2009

Only 36 Days until Christmas

Dear Weekend,

For all of these reasons, you totally rocked.

1. Had a fantastic workshop at Christy's Friday night. I got to play with two sweet kiddos as an added bonus.

2. Had the pleasure of taking a whole bunch of baby pictures for Jill on Saturday.

3. Got crafty with Abby. We have an annual night of movies and crafting every fall...It is a seasonal MUST for finishing my Christmas cards. THANKS ABBY for the giant cupcake pan!! You are such a great friend...(p.s. I need to make you a delicious cupcake and a matching card as a great big thanks...coming soon!)
4. Had a fantastic lunch with mom Sunday.
5. Took two naps.
6. Spent Sunday afternoon editing photos.

7. Saw New Moon. Jacob's abs. Wow.
8. Made hummus....(to go with some homemade pita and falafel...Abby's Ryan is a good cook!)

Okay, so I couldn't find 10 reasons why this weekend rocked, but I think 8 is plenty. :-)

How was your weekend?

I am working on my holiday to-do list for Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand Class:
1. Make a way to display journaling prompts (mini book?)
2. Set up Christmas Tree
3. Buy gifts
4. Wrap gifts
5. Send out Christmas cards
6. Order handmade gifts from Etsy
7. Have photo books made for Mom and Cris (and Kaley?)
8. Plan treat night
9. Plan December crop with "A Christmas Story" theme (advertise, make up the games, etc.)
10. Buy ornaments for gift exchange at school
11. Plan 'Mrs. Mitchell's Holiday Extravaganza' at school
12. Go see Christmas lights
13. Find a good Christmas CD as a soundtrack for the month (taking recommendations!)
14. Buy a white elephant gift
15. Plan my holiday party

To Make
1. Card Keepsake box for mom
2. Holiday banner for my fireplace
3. Work on December Daily
4. A few ornaments
5. My Christmas apron to wear at school
6. I am hoping for a sewing machine for Christmas so I am sure the 'to make' will actually be post-December...


Chanel said...

I totally agree about New Moon and Jacobs abs, hot! Made sitting through the 2 hours worthwhile.

Abby said...

I love me some Nellie! So glad you came over Saturday! Let me know if you need help planning the crop...I seriously think that is my most favorite movie of ALL TIMES! I'm thinking about MAJOR AWARDS... :)

Nellie Mae said...

ABBY!! That just reminded me of a LEG LAMP STAMP! I Have to have it before the crop!! ooooh, I can't wait!!!

Sarah said...

Nellie your photos are AMAZING!!!! You could come take pics of my family ANY day!!! Much better than any 'so called professional' . I love your style.