Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Purple, purple, purple, purple!!

Said one jovial, sweet, blond, enthusiastic, kindergarten girl to another: "What is your faaaavorite co-lor innnn the raaaainbow?"

Second little girl: " Purple, purple, purple, purple!!!!!!!!"

My mom's favorite color is purple, purple, purple, purple too.

Her surgery went really well yesterday. Thank you for all the well wishes.

And today, I will welcome my first nephew into our family...he will be born sometime today! Jacob Lee Trowbridge.....I will be sporting a Team Jacob Shirt....just in time for New Moon ;-)


Sarah said...

Woohoo a new nephew!! And a Jacob no less...couldn't have been an Edward I suppose.

helena said...

great to hear about other purple, purple, purple people - there cannot be too many

Karen Wilson said...

Purple's a pretty color! Glad everything went well and congrats on your (soon to arrive) new nephew!!