Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Goals 2009

{inspired by} Jessica Sprague Holidays at Hand class.

Goal #1
Relax. Try not to feel rushed from house to house on Christmas. It is hard to feel relaxed when there are so many people to visit. It is difficult to appreciate the company of my family when I thinking about the time on the clock and the fact that I need to be somewhere else for dinner or the gift exchange by 'such and such' time.

Goal #2
Make time for games. Some of my favorite memories with my family include playing games.

Goal #3
Take better photos. I don't want to be the crabby camera woman, the Christmas Camera Wench, the good Shot Scrooge, forcing everyone to smile and 'look at me,' but the majority of my Christmas pictures are just rubbish as I don't get any posed shots....I have 35 million pictures of my subjects looking down at wrapping paper....This year, I want to try to get some posed and some natural shots of Christmas magic.

Goal #4
Give back. This year I am planning to host "Mrs. Mitchell's Art Club Extravaganza" at my school. I will be supplying art supplies and donating my time for the students at my school to make Christmas Ornaments, Cards, and Gifts for their family. I know it will be very successful...way better than that 'shop with a cop' program. :-)

Goal #5
Maintain Traditions.
1. Make my own Christmas cards
2. Host a Holiday party for friends and family
3. Make Christmas candy and treats with family
4. Christmas PJs
5. Handmade gifts
6. Christmas Morning
7. Tristmas
8. Christmas Eve ~ Breakfast

I will be utilizing the Holidays at Hand class as I work through my December Daily....Yahoo, it is going to be a very fun challenge! I can't wait for December. I want to put my tree up right now!



Sarah said...

Your photos are always inspirational!!! I can only say for my family we don;t have to worry about rushing....there is only us! Be glad you HAVE people to rush and see!!!! You are blessed. All my family are overseas...so holidays for us are .....quiet.

sharyncarlson said...

Love your list! And the photos, too. You should go put up your tree and take pictures for us to see! I've been feeling extra Christmasy this year so we already have ours up and I love the feeling of walking in the door and seeing it.

Kel said...

I love this, you've inspired me to think about my own goals for Christmas and I may have to go write them down. I've bookmarked yours as prompts. Thank you for sharing!

tyme2blog said...

You have some great goals here!! I love how you make homemade gifts and your idea to make the ornaments with the kids at school. I hope you CAN relax this holiday season. I know that is a tough one but one that every would should have the pleasure of. I look forward to seeing your Holidays In Hand project.

Anonymous said...

Just a tip-give up on good Christmas morning photos! Take them a few days before- gotta a tree, fake presents, kids holding ornaments, etc! Good photos of the actual event are a rarity! I'm having fun with this class!