Sunday, November 29, 2009

{Hedge hog} Love

Have you noticed them everywhere too??

Wool source

rainbow source

braille pillow source

cupcakes source

wallet source

bag source


Don't worry...I think this is only a mini-obsession...Owl always {heart} my owls....



helena said...

adorable collection. I hadn't noticed them but I'm sure that now you have alerted me I will be seeing them all over the place

{melissa} said...

I can't get over how cute your selections are!!! I love love love the cupcakes and that sweet little onesie :-)

Sarah said...

ADORABLE!! I LOVE hedgehogs!!!
Love owls too...but Hedgehogs AWWWWW...My Mom and Dad feed wild ones outside their fact my Dad just sent me some cool pics of one. I will have to send it to you. BTW I LOVE that first picture.

Lindsay Harrison said...

Hedgehogs are awesome! This is a great post! Now I want to make a hedgehog pillow... and use those hedgehog iron-on transfers... Maybe I will make a hedgehog painting, too!

There's nothing like having your own real hedgehog to cuddle, though!

sharyncarlson said...

shut up - these are way too adorable!