Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I am loving right now!

Happy Tuesday, can you believe March is almost over????

I thought it would be fun to create a post with some of the things I am loving right now!

1. My favorite blush ever
This blush from Clinique is my absolute favorite blush in the world. Not only is it beautiful when it is brand new, it is also beautiful whenever I wear it...and it last for a really long time!

2. Dry Shampoo
Batiste dry shampoo is my new favorite thing. I started out with the original scent and now I am using the blush version. I like them both equally! This stuff comes in a 5 oz. spray can and it only costs $6.99...it lasts for several weeks and at least a dozen uses, probably more!

I decided to try it after I got bangs. My bangs seemed to get greasy looking after a day and I didn't want to take the time for a full shampoo. Just spray this stuff on and brush through it...it actually makes my hair clean! The roots look a little powdery sometimes, but only I notice and it looks way better than grease-ball head. I have saved so many hours that I normally would've been showering, blow-drying and re-styling.
I love it!

3. My Vintage Brooch Collection
Since style school I have been on the lookout for vintage brooches...under $10!
A local shop has a wonderful assortment so I buy at least one every time I go. Not only are they pretty to wear, they spruce up by jewelry tray too! Yay for spring flowers!

4. Pretty sun glasses
I used to be an all-black-sun-glass-girl but not anymore! I love all styles and colors!! I can't wait for summer....*sigh*

5. My coffee table book.
I created a journal for my coffee table and I have filled it with fun things that aren't quite right for a regular scrapbook. I photograph a lot of random things and i rip things out of magazines...this gives me a place to put them. Oh, and I am working on a DIY....it will show some of the other things I have been putting in my coffee table book! You will love it!

6. My Instax Mini
Seriously, I love this camera. It is a bit bulky to haul around but I love, love, love the photos it takes. I can't wait to create some cool wall art with them!

That is all for now!  I hope you are having a great week!!! I have been visiting my mom in the hospital and trying to get some exercise, so I haven't had a chance to do much crafting....I am feeling really anxious to make something cuuuuute!

Check back Thursday (April Fool's Day!) for my first guest blogger post!! Its not too late to participate if you are interested, just email me!
p.s. all the photos in this post are by me!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the flower in the flower in the compact!

Tina Marie said...

That coffee table book is a great idea! I used to make books like that when I was in HS and never really thought anyone would care to look at them but me! I am going to give it a try again and see where it goes!

melissa said...

wow, that blush is gorgeous! You are are going to love Shimelle's class...so fun and a great way to use up some supplies.

sharyncarlson said...

Loving your photos in this post! Those brooches are amazing.