Sunday, March 21, 2010

{Cold} Sweet Home

A vacation was needed, very much bad!! The trip was absolutely amazing. I loved Las Vegas, but my favorite part was spending time with my little baby nephew, Jacob in Lake Havasu! It was a gorgeous sunny day in Arizona....and I came home to a near blizzard!

Technically, I am still not home. The plan was to stay in Tulsa last night and drive home today. has been snowing in Tulsa all morning so I am not sure when I will be heading home. I am anxious to unpack, get organized and start mentally preparing for my work week. (and do some crafting!)

Oh, and I definitely need to start an exercise and diet routine.
It is amazing how much junk I scarfed down this week!! Ew---so much soda and junk food! It was good at the time but now I am feeling pretty gross about myself! ;-)

Usually before every trip, I create a notebook so that while I am away I can journal each night and have a place to save receipts, ticket stubs, etc. This time, a travel journal did not get made before the trip. I am really bummed about that now! Did I mention that I got a second round of strep throat on Thursday (before leaving Saturday!)?? I was so sick, I had to get on antibiotics and get a shot. Luckily, I was feeling better by Friday afternoon, but I wasn't 100% and some of the things I wanted to do before the trip (like make a journal) just didn't happen. Boooo! I really hope that I don't get sick again for a long time. I have been sick several times this year and it sucks.

I visited an Urban Outfitters in the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Mall--WOW! There isn't one in Joplin....or anywhere, it was awesome! I could spend a fortune in there.

I just uploaded all of my photos into snapfish-yay! And I have created some folders of my favorites on my desktop. My plan is narrow down the favorites and create some collages. From there, I will select a few more from the favorites and add words and journaling to the photos using Picnik. Then I will have some of my photos printed. I can't wait to make a scrapbook from this trip! It is going to be so fun!!!

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Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

hello Nellie, I have had fun gazing your blog, you have an eye for style girl!

enjoy *~*