Monday, March 22, 2010

New Blog Project!!

Hello lovely bloggers!!

I am part of a wonderful new blog project and I would love for you to visit the Birds of a Feather Girls Blog!

Every Monday I will be sharing a new post and I am super excited for you to see all of the other great bloggers who have signed up to be part of this awesome new craft/creative/inspiring blog.

A little back story...this blog was founded after a single tweet. That's right...a group of bloggers found each other from all over the world after Katja mentioned that she wanted to start a collaborative crafting blog. Super exciting!!

Check out my first post here.

We have some great things planned over the next few months so stop over and become a follower!

Thanks for reading!!

Also, don't forget...I am adding a few more contributing bloggers in April if you are interested in doing a post on, photography, DIY, crafts, etc just email me at


sayablack said...

Hi,I've just found your blog...lovely pics and great posts!
Please check out my blog<3

AJ said...

Hi, Nellie! So glad we're doing Birds of a Feather together :D (haha I rhymed >_<)

Things are a little crazy right now, but I'd like to be a contributor to your blog sometime :)