Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tips for being a better blogger

1. Make sure your pictures are clear
. Stay away from blurry, dark and bad photos. Take more than one shot of each card/project so you can show off the best of your artwork. Here is a tutorial on taking better photos. My favorite tip of all: take it outside....if you can't get a good shot, go outside and use the natural lighting!!
2. Participate in challenges. Find something you enjoy, set a goal, and be inspired to create something has really helped me to be inspired to make something new every week. Challenges help me to think outside the box, learn new techniques, use different color schemes than I would normally choose, and use up my supplies. Even if no one sees these but me, the 'challenge' forces me to work within a constraint...and this makes me more motivated and to pay attention to details and craftsmanship.
3. Don't be afraid to leave comments. If you see something on another blog that you really like, tell the person. Sincere, heartfelt comments are the number one motivator to keep me going. I know that people are reading my blog and I am not creating this artwork in a vacuum. My family and friends appreciate what I do, but not like other paper crafters. Only a true paper crafter can appreciate the little details, the new techniques and the design aspects of my work.
4. Only post your very best. (I look at my very best from 6 months ago and wow....I have come so far....)
5. Don't be afraid to post videos and/or links to things you find. You may open up a whole new world to someone. Pass on the goodness. Here is an awesome site I found with some beautiful FREE printables: LollyChops.
6. Use blogging to break through the creative block. Instead of being overwhelmed, use blogging to inspire you. If you don't post every day or every week, that is OKAY. Just don't let your readers forget about you...let them know you are busy, or traveling, or just out of it, they understand. Also, if you don't know what to write...start simple....pick a day and plan to post SOMETHING on that day every week...I keep going back to the blogs that reliably post at least one thing a week. One post a week, a regular 'column'. That is what I love....even if it is a 'Saturday Crafting Rant'. Find a consistency that works for you or keep it random. I just really like to know that every Friday I can count on the movie sneak peaks over at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge and on Wednesday I can always count on the Wednesday giveaways over @ Alli Edwards blog.
7. Stay away from the super-cute-ultra-tempting black/busy background. Simple blogs are visually appealing. I used to have a layout with a damask theme, but I think that the background, music, and flashing glitter images can just be overwhelming to visitors. People don't want to have to hit mute at 2 a.m. when everyone else is asleep and they are looking for random crafting ideas. Also, those crazy blinkies take away from YOUR art.
8. Stay true to you. IF you completely disagree with number 7, please do whatever you may like the music, cutesy flowers and other random, charming internet glam. That may be what keeps you going back to other people's sites. Please, do whatever makes you happy. #7 is more about my personal preferences and you may have an entirely other audience than I do. This is about making connections around the globe with people who LOVE the same things you do. :-)
9. I am not an expert and neither are you and that is okay. Let's face it. We are all here to learn new things, get better at our craft, and inspire each other. If you want to post blog candy or participate in a swap, do it. Leave nice comments. Look up advice from the experts, link to their site. Site your work. If you get an idea from someone, give them credit.
10. Share. We want to see your scrapspace, organizational ideas, crafting projects, cards, scrap pages and the story behind them, new buys, totally awesome finds, inspiration, heartfelt stories, awakenings, random funnies, aha! moments, creative processes, and real life. Bloggers want to connect with you. Life is about human connections. Not everyone will read your 10 paragraph post about the flat tire you got on your way to buy tampons, but the ones that are truly interested in YOUR story will....and that is who you might want to connect least it is who I want to connect with....and that is okay. I am not an expert, just an every day gal with ideas, opinions and a story. My goal this year, my resolution, is to inspire. I hope that you have enjoyed visiting my blog.


Sarah said...

#1 I love your blog
#2 I always leave comments...people might think I am stange, whatever, but If I look I comment.
#3 I turned off my music player LOL
#4 I have bling and backgound on my blog, but heyyy it works for me LOL and if I go back to white now you may think me strange.
#5 I set out to post daily...that drives me to create!
#5 challenges are SO FLIPPIN COOL
#6 blog candy is cool too (and low fat) just pray to the random number generator gods.
I am lovin this post Nellie!!!!

Lisa Brown said...

Great post and great advice! Thanks, Nellie!

Carla said...

I recently joined the blogging world - enjoyed reading this post. Great advice! Thanks.