Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Work Space

A family member recently constructed the MOTHER of all crafting areas. A bonus room featuring a gift wrapping station and matching cute furniture and colorful baskets and accessory holders for every embellishment. I have to admit, I am soooo jealous even though I haven't seen this bonus room, it is already a family legend, I have heard all about it from family members, even grown men are in awe of its beauty and charm. *Sigh*....I keep reminding myself that I am only 25 and I have a tiny house. The basement just had a few walls constructed over the weekend, so I hope to have my own real crafting space eventually with plenty of built-in storage...But for now, I settle for a corner of the spare bedroom. It has large windows which are great for natural light, but there isn't much room for a desk with the big spare bed and clothing dresser in the corner.

The black dresser with the T.V. on top holds only art supplies, pictures and other scrapbooking stuff.

The tan dresser holds clothes, but I've turned the top into a shelf for my albums and Close to My Heart business supplies. You might notice shelf with ribbon holders. I got a K&Co. Ribbon box at the flea market for $1 recently, it is perched atop a ribbon box with a clear lid from Hobby Lobby, this was a really great buy.

So I don't really have any tips on organization, I tend to spread everything out on the floor when I work. I do have a cabinet with a book case on top and a space for storing my paper on bottom. The shelves on top are great for displaying stuff. I am also not so great at making this the scrapbooking room of my dreams....I've got 3 clashing colors of red going on, matched up with black and white accents and green walls....*Sigh* I will get there eventually.

Ooh, before I forget, here is a great find from JoAnn's...It is a recycled newspaper trash can. I've seen this stuff before at Pier One, but it is always so expensive. I got a great deal on this.

I've decided to share this messy space with you because even though it isn't the MOTHER of all crafting areas, it is mine and I like it just fine. To see another work space for my friend and fellow CTMH consultant, click here.


Savitri said...

Great looking room! I can't wait until mine is finished... still Oct. due date :) I love that basket. I got some of the tin paper storage at Joann's... at mine, they were next to this newspaper wastebasket. We almost got some but we already have enough baskets. Cute!!

Savitri -

Crafty Sue said...

We all dream of having a spacious craft room... well, I certainly do, but I live in a small apartment and the space is very limited.
I dropped by to see what's new... and ... to let you know that I have given you the "I love your blog award"! Just stop by my blog and copy your award.