Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Project 52

More project 52 pages....I am finally caught up! I now have a page for every week and I even have an idea for this week's page!! Last night I spent some time finishing up some of the details on a few of the pages...I really like stickers and sticker collages so I made a couple of those and I experimented with making my own clear overlays using StazOn...it was really fun, I look forward to making more overlays.

Sticker collage #1

Clear Overlay #1

Sticker collage #2 (K&Co.)

Clear Overlay #2

Sticker Collage #3


Lisa Brown said...

Love your project 52 pages! Is that a fishing tag from Roaring River that I see? ;) Awesome job, Nellie! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

So flippin cute....I love the sticker collage and I love the Hungry Caterpillar LOL... You have done a ton of work.

Sarah said...

Hi Nellie, It was really easy to get that 'Linkwithin' thing.
Just find a blog that has it and at the bottom, usually in grey, you will see the little Linkwithin word. I just clicked on that and it took me to the site. Then I followed the instructions (very easy). It added a HTML gadget to my layout page and once I saved it it worked immediaately.