Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Shower Gift for Jill

I decided to make a baby gift for a friend. She is not into scrapbooking or card making at all. I invited her to a workshop at my house and she actually said, "I don't really want to come make something because I will probably just throw it away..." Eeeek!! I cannot imagine throwing away something that is handmade, especially if I made it. I would rather give it away!! I make LOTS of cards.

Last weekend I woke up feeling generous so I put out a bunch of cards in a basket at a crop and only charged for them at a donation...some people gave me a dollar or two for each card...I know I could've sold them on Etsy for at least $4 a card, but I donated all the money to a local children's organization. It felt good to give the money to a charity and give the cards to people who appreciate handmade things.

You might be wondering why I would make a handmade gift for a friend who may or may not appreciate it...well, I can't knit and I can't sew, but I want to do something from the heart.....This is my best bet. I made her a memory keeper box with the baby's name on the top. She isn't super sentimental, but she may have little things from his birth that she wants to save. I also covered a chipboard peek-a-boo album with matching paper so she could stick some pictures in it.

Finally, I stamped a few thank you cards and envelopes for her to use after all the baby showers.

All of the paper, inks and stamps are Close to My Heart. I used a few buttons and chipboard letters from my stash. I tried to distress and ink the book to make it look like it would be perfect for a rough and tumble boy....I also went with colors that might match her house. This is the perfect memory keeper box because it will slide right into a bookshelf and she can write his name on the back edge as a label.

** EDITED: By the way, yes my friend's name is Jill and her husband is Jack...and their baby will be Jack Eugene IV.....SOOO CUTE!!


Sarah said...

OK that is totally awesome, she better NOT Throw it away! The album is super cute..I love the distressing! The thank you cards are wayyy cool.
I did look at the new catty...very exciting...lots of 'have to have' stuff I see.
Can't wait to get one in my hands!

Lisa Brown said...

Very cute, Nellie! I bet she treasures this special!

Elaine said...

You're a true artist! I love how your projects are very unique and show a lot of personality! That's really wonderful these days because it's easy to copycat - instead you're an original and you do it very very well! This cute little album is a treasure!

Julie said...

Hey Nellie! Jill will absolutely love it! I have a feeling Jill will get much more sentimental once baby Jack arrives. Thanks for being such a great friend to Jill!