Friday, April 10, 2009

Brithday card for a friend

So....I went to the post office on Monday afternoon. I made some postcards over the weekend to drum up some business and let people know I am still out there doing the whole Close to My Heart thing. Most of my loyal customers I see once a month or more, but there are a few that I haven't seen or heard from in months. I wanted to give them a little 'birthday' gift. I sent out a coupon for 10% off any one item in April since it is my birthday month!

Anyway, I needed to drop those off and buy a book of stamps and mail a couple of packages to the Pay it Forward winners. When I walked in, the line was nearly out the door so I decided to go through the 'help-yourself' line and do the automated machine. There was a little line for that too so I decided to drop my postcards and one of my letters into the bin. I accidentally dropped the wrong letter into the bin. One letter was to a friend with some money to pay her back for some adhesive we bought in bulk. The other letter was to another was a bereavement card, her father just passed away. Once that letter was gone, it was GONE! I couldn't get it back. How embarrassing!! I just sent off a bereavement card with no stamp on it. It is bad enough that it will be stamped: "return to sender" but my biggest fear is that she will get it and have to pay the postage herself! EEEEK! Have you ever had anything like that happen to you?

This card is for a different friend's birthday. Hers is the day before mine! I took multiple photos so you can see that it is a clear card. I actually traced the craft sticker to get more than one piece of the same shape so I could cover the adhesive on the opposite side.

There actually wasn't any stamping on this card. The cardstock and ribbon are from CTMH and everything else is Hambly. I used my handwriting for the sentiment and the note inside. I kept it pretty simple.


Sarah said...

WOW love it. How did you get the 'wood grain' blue on the card? I just got some clear stuff from Heritage Farms and can't wait to try it. I have never done a clear card before.
Can you heat emboss them or do they melt?
Hate to waste the stuff practicing LOL

nelliemaeii said...

Transparencies melt if you try to emboss on them. I tried it. I bought these transparencies already printed from Hambly. I have a link on my side bar. I put in a big order in Jan. and I use everything I bought. I want to order more. I can't find this stuff around here. You can use StazOn on transparencies too. ;-)