Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{Penguin} Parade

My cousin recently moved into a new house. He is a total penguin lover so I knew I had to paint a picture for him! I went on We Heart It for inspiration!! Here is a parade of images that I used as my inspiration for the painting!! I will show you the painting tomorrow, so check back. You will love it!

 I just love cutie food like this!
 This makes me want to paint a water color painting, I love it!

 Okay, this didn't help me with the painting, but I love cupcakes!

 And doesn't this just make you go awwwww!
 So cute!
 I really do want a home library some day!
 Tee hee, super cute!
 You had me at red balloon! I love it!! Sort of reminds me of some Lisa Frank!!
 Sooo cute!!
 This was one of my favorite ones that I found. I love the textures and colors!
 This is cool, I love collections like this.
Totally something I would do!! So cute!!
 This one isn't from We Heart is Lisa Frank and sooooo cute!
Well, I hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration here, I know I did! Thanks for reading!!

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Nordy said...

I do love me some penguins. Franklin is going to knock your reader's socks off!