Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{Butterfly} Parade

 My mom's birthday was Sunday so I decided to have a parade in her honor! A butterfly parade is perfect because she LOVES butterflies!! The images are from We Heart It.

 I love rainbows, this picture makes me so happy!!
 I think this is gorgeous!
 I just love that bow in her hair!!
 This is a sweet collection!!
 Her hair is cool, her dress is super cute and the netting is just lovely!
 So vintage!
 Another beautiful collection!
 This is just so cool!!

 I love making cards with butterflies arranged in this way!
 So fun, this is a neat thing to do with curtains! I love the feet sticking up!!
 This reminds me of a Color Me Katie pose!
 Gotta have the cupcake in there! YUM!

 Looks like butterflies from recycled papers--cool!
 Cool shoes, these 'post cards' are just lovely!
 Aw, butterfly balloons!
 Simply amazing!

 This would be beautiful to use in a wedding!
 Mail call!!

 Such a cool mobile!
 My mom used to have a jewelry dish like this when I was a kid--it was awesome, this is so pretty!
 I wonder if those are real? They are really cool!!
 This is just awesome!!!

 I hope you enjoy this lovely parade! Can you believe, it is almost May??!!!

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Maria Ontiveros said...

These are all totally awesome!
Thanks for sharing!