Monday, April 5, 2010

Guest Blogger: With a Scavenger Hunt!

When Suzanne contacted me about being a guest blogger, I was so excited about her idea! I can't wait to play along and I hope you will too! Also, check out my paint-by-number DIY over at the Birds of a Feather blog!~ Nellie

Hi everyone! I'm Suzanne and I'm super excited and honored to be guest blogging here today! (You can normally find me blogging over here.) I'm also super excited that it's finally SPRING (yay!) so to start off I would like to share with you some pretty photos, featuring the perfect seasonally-spring color - green...





Sometimes when I go out to take pictures I like to give myself little "assignments" - like, only take pictures of the back of peoples' heads, or only pictures of animals, or only pictures centered around a certain color... and lately... a scavenger hunt! And this time I would like YOU to participate as well!

Here is your assignment: 
Bring your camera with you wherever you go for the next week and take a picture of each of the following items, but they must be green:
1) something with wheels
2) something you wear
3) something up in the air
4) something you eat or drink
5) something that entertains you

You have 7 days to complete the assignment :)  then email me ( your favorite photo from your scavenger hunt. At the end of the month I'll do a special post on my blog with everyone's photos all together! Use your imagination and be creative! I think it will be neat to see what we all come up with :)

Here are some I've taken recently...

Have fun! Can't wait to see your photos :)
And thanks so much, Nellie, for having me guest blog today!


helena said...

what fun - feeling bit jaded behind the camera but this should make me look around anew

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great idea! Thanks for guest-blogging, and I love, love, love that first pix especially.