Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Blogger: The F Word

Larissa is a blogger over at The Story of My Life and we met through our collaboration blog, Birds of a Feather Girls. She is so sweet to contribute to my Guest Blogging request, I hope you enjoy! ~ Nellie


Nothing better (for me) than talk about food - even more when it is all about craft stuff! And I can say that both kids and adults would love to have a bite into. From mouth-watering pancakes to meatball spaghetti meatball and watermelon slice, there will be a felt/fimo food or dessert that will make you smile.
There are loads of amazing websites and blogs about felt and fimo art. It is undescriable how many people are involved with this cute hobby and their ability to make such briliant art from a simple fabric or clay.

It is something good to see - I can spend a whole day just searching through this cute little pretties!!!
Felt and Fimo are the most incredible crafts to get involved with. You should at least check it out how extraordinary work these materials can easily do.

Since I discovered this hobby I also have a few tries - with some success - see some HERE :) But I can say: sometimes the result can be though to handle - but with some practice you will learn nice finishings, tricks and to let your imagination run free. ;)

If you want to try a easy tutorial for your first felt art you should check this site HERE - Betz White will teach you how to make a Felt Ogee Ornament with her tutorial. Or, you can try to make a fimo flower piece with this VIDEO tutorial.

Be creative!!!
By Lara.

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