Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{Flower Power} Parade

Who doesn't love flowers? I found a gorgeous collection to flowers on we heart it and I just had to share them with you. Spring is here!! I am so happy!!!

Isn't this sign just lovely?

I am in love with this hedgie with flowers on his back!!
Awwww, this pup asleep in the flowers overlooking the mountains is just gorgeous!

So pretty, flowers in the hair!

A flower dress...Parade of roses?

Pretty flowers and braids!

So soft and lovely.
I adore flower fields!

A very organic rainbow!

I love flowershops.

Gorgeous centerpiece!

I love curating these little parades. Sorting through all the images and piecing together my favorites in a cohesive is so fun! I hope you find some inspiration here!!


Vera said...

wowie... some pretty pictures indeed :D i just love 'wandering' through weheartit and make my own collection... just like you did :) XO.

Tina Marie said...

Lovely! One of my favorite things to photograph!

Suzanne said...

so pretty!
i love your parades - tons of inspiration!!!