Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Normally I don't....

HI everyone!!
Normally I don't make two posts in one day....but I am working hard in my studio making some lovely paper and ribbon garland for a 'jammie' party this weekend!! I am so excited! Anyway, I have a question for you...If you sew, you might be able to help me out. My bobbin gets all tangled whenever I thread it....and I am able to use it for a while, but once it gets to the tangled spot, I have to unravel the whole thing or else it just jams up my machine....any tips on making this not happen? It is messing me up and I need to finish this project tonight!
Here is a little peek at a photo shoot that I did today!!! Morgan is 6. She is amazing! I love her photos!!
We had to walk around in the woods in our pretty shoes....It was an adventure!!

While I am at it, I thought I would show you a sneak peek at my art journal for the 'Tell Your Story Class'. The class is wonderful, I am getting so many great ideas! To see a few more pages, check at my flickr site here.

Finally, my real reason for posting tonight......I NOW HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!! YAY!!!!  Thanks for signing up to read my blog....I think that is awesome and I want to have a giveaway.....I am going to gather up some goodies and as soon as I have a good photo of it, I will let you know what the prize is....

And a huge shout out to Rinda at Gallo Organico....she always leaves me comments....Thanks for not making me feel like I blog in the dark! You are a great follower Rinda!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Aww, you're welcome! I just like to let you know how much you inspire me - you have such a great vibe; it's one I don't pick up elsewhere!
Lots of hugs,

Lindsay Harrison said...

On your sewing machine... it could be several things. It used to happen to me a lot when the bobbin case wasn't secure on the ancient machine I used for making costumes for the high school plays. Good luck!

I read your blog a lot, too. Sorry I don't comment much... I don't sign that often. It makes me think I need to update my blog, and I haven't done anything fun there lately.