Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guest Blogger: Coffee Cup Cozy DIY

I was so excited when Katja volunteered to do a DIY!! You will love this so much, it is even easy enough that I can do it, and I am totally new to crochet. You should totally go visit her blog, it is amazing! ~ Nellie

Hi everyone!
I am Katja - a crafty girl from Germany. My blog is called Maedchenmitherz which means "Girl with heart". I try to share pretty things and crafty ideas every day.
It is a pleasure to be a guest blogger here on this pretty blog!
I love (!) making DIYs and sharing them - so I thought it would be fun blogging about a DIY.

Let's make a Coffee Cup Cozy together!

And here's what you need to crochet this cute cozy....

A ball of yarn (and a second one if you want to crochet the bow!), a crochet hook and buttons. Oh, and a coffee cup you want to cover.... :)

First, crochet a string. It's very simple (I have a basic tutorial on my blog) - I made 15 Single Crochets (SC). Wrap the string around your cup to see if it's long enough to goaround nearly once. It doesn't have to be wrapped around the cup exactly because we will use buttons to hold the cozy together... :)

After you have finished this string, please chain 1 extra SC. This doesn't count as a stitch!

Then, turn the string around, insert hook into second stitch and keep crocheting until you reach the end of that row.

After you have reached the end of that row, chain 4. This will be one of the button holes.

Then, insert hook into the next stitch of the 3rd row.

Keep crocheting until you reach the end of that row. Then, chain 1 extra like you have done at the end of the first row. Turn around and keep crocheting. At the end of the 4th row, chain 4 again and keep crocheting 2 more rows. Finish it off.
The picture above shows what your piece will look like.

Fold your coffee cup cozy together to place the buttons in the right direction. Then, sew the buttons to the cozy.


If you want to decorate your cozy with a bow, here's how it works:

1. Chain 10.
2. (row 2 - 4) 1 SC in each stitch around (= 30 stitches) - finish off.
3. Fold both ends to the middle.
4. Grab some yarn and wrap it around the middle to create the typical bow shape - use the leftover to sew it to the cozy!

I hope you enjoyed this cute little fun tutorial as much as I did. I hope to see some pretty coffee cup cozies around here soon! Oh, and here are some cute cozies to inspire you:




Have a great day!


Rachel said...

Thats is so cute. I'm bookmarking this. Now all I have to do is learn to crochet!

{eleise} said...

This is cute!

Ps. I'm lovin' your cute blog!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. I unfortunately do not know how to crochet. But would you be willing to make one and sell it to me. Email me at categalvan@gmail.com

Barbara K said...

This is very cute. I'll be making several. I'll bookmark this so I can refer back to it as I crochet.

PB Scraper said...

This is so cute! I had to pin it so I wouldn't lose it