Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Planting Love.

Use only stamps???? This is a tough challenge for me. I don't know if this card even counts for this Simply Creating Challenge since I did use a heart punch....but it was definitely a challenge for me.

Well, no embellishments or extra paper.....I think I did it correctly. Anyway, I played along with Krista in a challenge a couple of months ago and I actually won so you should try it too, she will send you a sweet prize!

Also, thanks Krista, I got my First 5 goodies (I didn't take a picture yet, but they are lovely prizes!!)

BTW For all my posts this week, I am using images that have been exported to the smallest possible file size....I am hoping that this will make my blog load faster for you....I dunno....it might not be worth the loss of details....We'll see...just thought I would try something new!

CTMH Dream Big, Beautiful Day
Craft card base
Heavenly blue, Desert Sand Tulip Ink


Ann said...

Very sweet! And who cares if the punch broke the rules? It's cute!

yael said...

turned out great.(-:
i'm now also working on cards with only stamps - i find the diversity and fun in making my own design challenging.

Krista Ritskes said...

I didn't say anything about punches, so your card didn't break any rules! It's very cute.

Sarah said...

Wonderful Nellie!!!! You blasted that challenge. Love that card.
I definitely lost some of the deets of your card in the smaller picture...Mine looks kind of blurry.