Monday, August 31, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #47--Forrest Gump

Okay, I had to play along this week! I love Forrest Gump! I watched it again recently and I realized what an incredible movie it is. The acting is fantastic and the story is beautiful. I cried and cried. You should go check out the other amazing creations at the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge site! (Also, watch for challenge #50--some great blog candy coming up soon!)

For this card, I went onto Facebook to find some flair. Thats right. I like flair. It is sort of a cross between a printable, a sticker and a cardstock die cut. Usually I can find the most perfect images to fit my project. As I was browsing through all the buttons, I copied and pasted my favorites into a word document. Then I printed them onto cardstock. Super easy. So I say. Of course as I was putting the card together, I had everything planned out and all of a sudden the piece of flair that I wanted to use was gone! GONE! I searched through all of my little papers but it was nowhere to be found. Fine. Well, it was too late to print another sheet of cardstock for just one piece of flair (I was up late finishing this card!) So I decided to use a black permanent marker and a blending pen and draw my own 'Peas and Carrots'. That's right, I drew 'em myself. I think they look alright.

{The rest of the story}
In July, I went to visit a friend for her bridal shower. During the shower I sat with Shelly. At first glance, Shelly was a little intimidating with her piercings and massive tattoos. She even has a gigantic mohawk (but it was combed down for the shower). When Shelly told me she was a metalsmith, I knew that she was a cool chic. And she was SUPER sweet! At 24, she has an art degree and now she works for a company in St. Louis that makes teeth--awesome!

Shelly and I talked about various things that afternoon, but I will never forget what she said about Nathan. Nathan was her fiance who passed away from cancer in May. Wow. It was so heartbreaking to hear her tell about how she watched him go into the hospital in March and never come out. She watched the love of her life die. She explained how perfect they were together--"We went together like peas and carrots," she said in the sweetest voice. Shelly said that it was painful to watch our friend Danielle getting shower gifts and planning her wedding because she knew that she wouldn't get to.

The movie Forest Gump makes me think about how people in my life affect me and how I leave an imprint on the people I meet. Of course, he lived a colorful life in a vibrant time in 'history' and I am just a small town girl in Missouri....but the stories I appreciate the most from the movie are the ones about love. I like to think that the love he shared with Jenny is always possible. And I cry every time I watch the part about Bubba...and Lt. Dan. '(Lt. Dan, ICE CREAM!!" Hehe.) I just knew that the 'peas and carrots' would be the perfect inspiration for my card this week. It is a beautiful movie and I really enjoyed making this card!

I used brown for the card base as one of the requirements for the challenge. The green cardstock is CTMH and the stickers and gems are Basic Grey. The stamps are from Ali Edwards.

Here is the inside:


Maureen said...

This is amazing! Wow! I loved reading your post (teary eyes). It's so true about what this movie was all about. What a lovely, yet sad, story about your new friend. Makes you remember what we should be grateful for. Your card is fabulous!! Love the pea and little artist you!! TFS :)

Krista Ritskes said...

What a beautiful story! Makes you really appreciate who you have in your life. Your card is fabulous and the pea and carrot are perfect!

Ann said...

Ohhh, how sweet! And your card is so darling!

Kelly said...

this really is so so cute! Love the pea and carrot!! So innovative. Love your journalling on it too!

Sarah said...

Such an excellent post! And such a wonderful card Nellie!

Tethered2Home said...

Oh my, beautiful post. Lovely card too, Nellie!

Brooke S said...

Loved your story! How sweet... You never know how much you just might love someone....Cool!
What a great project.. You always make the best things EVER! So glad to see you this week!