Thursday, August 27, 2009

Layouts from CKC

The best part about CKC was taking classes from experienced teachers. As a teacher, I appreciated the classes from a pedagogy stand point. I watched the teachers and recognized how they conducted the classes. It was my goal to learn from them. I realized that people really do want to listen to my little tips and suggestions. Wow. This was a new concept for me. I usually assume that people want to get on with the 'creating' part of the lesson. It suddenly occurred to me that 'mini-lecutres' about inks, stamping techniques and craftmanship will make my workshops soar to new heights.

I really loved the classes where the instructors took the time to explain things or give tips and spent more talking even if it meant that we didn't get to finish the particular project....I enjoyed them even more than the classes where I just worked on my own.

Here are two layouts from the "Basic Gray: Latest and Greatest Class". The instructor gave tips like:
1. Outline stickers and journaling blocks with brown or black to make them pop.

2. Attach bows and ribbon with a glue dot. If the ribbon wraps all the way around the layout, secure it with tape on the back of the page.

3. If I want to make layouts before adding the photos, I can keep part of the adhesive backing on the sticker so that I will be able to easily put the picture underneath.

Thanks for reading!! Hope you are having a great week!!


Charlotte said...

I totally agree -- I attend classes to soak up as much information as I can from the instructor and those around me. I can craft by myself at home. Great post!


Meredith said...

These layouts are fantastic!!