Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A bag lady.

Whew!!! I am seriously trying to carry around fewer things with me every day, but it is so hard. I have to have my computer and lunch bag every day. I don't normally take my purse into school but I do carry it in the house when I get home from school. I have a bag that holds my planner, phone and a few other things I might need during the day called my 'school bag'. I also have a bag for shoes/teacher survival kit. This contains extra shoes.

My feet are wimpy. It takes me so long to break them in when school starts. My legs and back ache. My feet get blisters. It doesn't matter what shoes I am wearing...I can even wear tennis shoes and my feet always hurt for the first few weeks. I also try to wear dresses (so that I can establish my 'art teacher' persona with the kids) and I am forced to wear dressy shoes that kill my feet so I always keep some flip flops with me in case I start to die in the middle of the day.

Also, in my teacher survial kit I have things like bobby pins, lotion, and mints. I travel throughout the week and I don't always have everything I need at one school so it is nice to have some things with me.

I don't go anywhere without my camera. Some days I even make two trips from my car to carry arm fulls of student art work, examples and supplies. Whew!! I am such a bag lady. If you have any tips on how to simplify...please let me know!

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Sarah said...

Santa's sack??? would that help LOL
My purse is a backpack purse that way my hands are ALWAYS free...something to do with 3 kids! And it is not always slipping off my shoulder.
Love your bags though :-)

manoj said...
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