Friday, July 27, 2012

Retro Vacation Photos {London B&W}

It is no coincidence that my London photos are debuting the same week as the Olympics begin in London. I am really excited to watch the Olympic games this year, and I LOVE London too!

As part of the Summer in Sweden trip, we actually spent the first week in London. Tacking on an extra week to see such an amazing city was incredible.

London is one of those places that you could visit a dozen times and never feel like you've seen it all or had enough of it. We did lots of walking, and saw so much incredible architecture and exhibits. The National Gallery in London is one of my top favorite museums.

The best part about traveling with a group of artists, is that we actually did everything I would've wanted to do while we were there. We visited the Saatchi Gallery and the Tate Modern as well as making a special trek to the Camden Arts Centre to see the Wonderful World exhibit by Alexis Rockman. 


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