Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lomography {Framed}

Today, I am in Kansas City at the Nelson Atkins museum for an art teacher conference. We are doing boring things related to common core standards, but I am always up for a visit to KC with art teacher friends. Anyway, tonight is the 3rd Thursday art walk in Joplin and unfortunately, I do not think I will make it back for much of it. However, if you are down there, stop by the Fluffy Pop shop and check out my new photo strip  frames.

I made these frames using sticks. They are perfect for photo booth strips. I had actually designed them just for photo booth photos....but then I dug out the box of contact strips from the darkroom and realized that many of the photos were the perfect size for these little frames. The photos have been hand processed in the dark room, 120 film from both Holga and Diana medium format cameras.

They are reasonably priced, so make sure you check them out and take one home!!

The fotoclipss are from Photojojo.
They look much better in make sure you find the big green and yellow RV parked on main street in downtown Joplin and go inside to see them for yourself!!


HelloSweetcheeks said...

awww! What a cute idea!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Really cool - I prefer them unpainted. I also love the photos in your last two posts; especially the black berry ones.