Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scrabble Tiles: 4 Cool Ideas

Last week, I showed off my Prinstagram order and even though I thought perhaps I could save those tiny little stickers inside the sticker book as a mini album, there was really no way that I could NOT use them for a craft project. If you decide to order stickers from Printstagram, you might consider making something crafty like this to show off your favorite photos...if so, please share a link, I would love to see!

 *Note: I was a little bit addicted to creating scrabble tile pendants last week....and I guess new ideas form from obsessions....

IDEA #1 Best Friend Necklaces
The stickers come in duplicates. Such a perfect way to make matching necklaces and share one with a friend. TIP: even though the stickers are sticky....I would still recommend putting a bit of tacky glue under the corners before adhering it to the tile so that it doesn't peel off.

Scrabble tile pendent tutorials are all over the place. Here is the one I referred to when I created these pendants:

IDEA # 2 Show off your child's artwork!
When my students create a cool drawing, I love to take a photo of if it to share on instagram.  This is another cool way to show off some of my favorites. I will be transforming these little scrabble tiles into pendants for a necklace. I can interchange the tile to match my mood or color scheme for my outfit while showcasing a roaming gallery of my student's artwork. I am an art teacher so I have tons of favorites.....but if you want to share your kid's artwork beyond the refrigerator, this is one way to do it!

IDEA #3 Wear your heart on a string. 
Show off your favorite cell phone photos using the Prinstagram stickers. You can show off your favorite places, people or things. I made a few to keep...and a few to sell in my friend's shop. If you don't think you would ever actually make necklaces yourself, let me know, I made a bunch and I would love to share!

 P.S. If you have ever seen Glass Photo Magnets, I used a couple of my Printsagram stickers as the images....I'm giving them to a friend soon, so I can't share a photo yet.

IDEA #4 Use an old Atlas instead of scrapbook paper.
Most of the pendant tutorials encourage you to use scrapbook paper. There are many Etsy stores that sell digital files of mini images for tile pendents, but I love the idea of slicing up an old atlas to map out my favorite cities. The bottom photo shows how I used vintage stamps to create one-of-a-kind necklace pendants.

Thanks for reading!

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Kate said...

All these are fantastic, but I LOVE the kids' artwork idea!! Brilliant!