Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hometown Appreciation

Just before school got out, I went down to Granby to visit my family. My dad doesn't live more than 30 miles away, but if I don't make a point to drive down and see him, we just don't ever see each other.

While I was there, I started thinking about a lot of things that reminded me of my childhood....we went to JJ's for dinner and I started taking pictures of things around town that probably won't mean anything to anyone else, but they are things that may not be around forever (as I learned from the Joplin tornado) and they are special to me, for whatever reason.

If you are interested here are few photos around town with my Holga way back in 2009. 

After a big storm we would go out to the road and look to the top of this hill to see if we could see a rainbow....if there was a rainbow anywhere, it would be at the top, just where those clouds are in this picture. 

Eagle Bluff

Sunday night marked the end of Old Mining Town Days with a fireworks display. I haven't been to the carnival/concert/firework reunion in years....but this year as we walked around and I saw people that I haven't seen in 10+ years, so many memories came rushing back. Some of these photos I took just so I could send them to my brother, because he lives in Arizona and we share the same love for our hometown.

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