Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party Photo Booth

Last weekend, it was time for the annual Christmas party....The theme this year was 'Pajama Party'. It was so fun...and comfortable.....and I really loved seeing all of my friends relax and enjoy Christmas. It is my favorite thing of the year.

I love planning it and I look forward to it all year long...and now I am sad that it is over.

I will be posting a couple of more 'christmas party' posts...but I really wanted to share the photo booth with you.

The backdrop is an IKEA fabric with white icicle lights on top. I included little finger puppets and all sorts of props for people to use including wigs, hand-painted signs, santa hats, antlers, and other Christmas gear.

 I don't have any pictures suitable to share using the finger puppets.....as you can imagine what finger most people put their puppets on.....*sigh*
 While the wigs weren't worn in many of the photos, they look kind of cool on my dresser.
 I ended up setting up one umbrella light on a table because the lighting in the bedroom was too yellow...and it was too dark with the lights turned off. Here are a couple of my hand painted signs.
 My sister flew in from Hawaii just in time for the party! YIPPEEEE!!!!! She looks so cute draped in Christmas lights!!
I took a lot of photos at the party....these are just a few of my favorites!

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