Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Party Special Gifts and Stockings

My favorite part of Christmas morning has got to be opening my stocking. So providing a stocking for all of the friends and family at the party was essential to making it special. I bought a bunch of felt, cut out 30+ stockings and started embellishing them.

Each stocking is different!!

A few nights before the party, I had a dream that the stockings were filled with wrapped I knew I would need to make some boxes and buy some stuff to make them more full.

The stockings contained packages of hot chocolate, a full-sized candy bar, a mint tin, a fancy lollipop, a baggy with some Christmas erasers, a Ghiardelli chocolate square, a small toy like a spinning-top or a yo-yo, 3 small slim jims, and other toys from Oriental trading like gliders, paddle balls, back scratchers, Chinese finger traps, woopie-cushins...and an envelop containing a coupon for a night of fun with someone at the each special envelop, people were 'linked' with someone in the room for some fun activity they could do together, like have a dance party, or go thrifting or have a game night. It was a cool way to pair up people (at random) who might not have known each other before the party.

I bought some pill boxes and small paper boxes and I also made 30+ origami boxes from craft paper and decorated them.

Here are a few of my favorite boxes. I used doilies, yarn, fabric yo-yos, magazine papers, old paint-by number copies, ledger paper, book pages, and anything else that might look pretty like tape or pearls.

The felt stockings were fun to make. I wish I would've made fewer and embellished them more. My favorite ones had stripes....IKEA fabric, felt and ribbon bunting, one has a doily sewn to the front and I even used some old ties to spruce up a couple of them.
It was such a fun gift...and an amazing party favor for each of the guests to take home....I have several extras....I guess I will have to find someone to give them to...I'm thinking I will make a little 'care stocking' for the janitors at my school. ;-)

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Lisa Brown said...

These are adorable, Nellie, and what a fun idea! Merry Christmas!