Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Party Treats {Christmas Morning}

Once the guests start arriving, I am always too busy interacting to take pictures of stuff like treats...

In fact, at my own events, I forget about things I spent all day preparing (like special homemade candy or decor). I love photographing other people's events because I don't know everyone and I can focus on the pretty stuff and the relationships I notice.

I should've taken a picture of the pretty donut tower....and the drink station....and the biscuits and gravy....I should've taken a picture of the treat table.....but I didn't.

Here are a couple of things DID I take pictures of at the Christmas Morning party.

I found this 'bacon and egg' candy on Pinterest. All you need is white chocolate (either chips or candy melts), some yellow m&ms, and pretzel sticks. I melted the white chocolate on some mini toasts from Wal-Mart (found near the fancy cheeses).

I started planning this party a while can see most of my pins here.

My favorite local donut shop recently rebuilt and opened (after it was completely destroyed by the tornado). I knew we had to have some special treats from there. These donut holes were devoured by the end of the party...but I still have some other donuts to finish off (oh darn!).

Peanut butter-filled bugles....another Pinter-esting recipe!
And these little donut snowmen...SO CUTE!!

Thanks for reading!!
Hope you all are having fun with your favorite Christmas traditions.

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