Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa is in the building!

There is something so magical about the jingle of Santa's bells and his hearty 'HO HO HO!' when he visits the school. It is just incredible to hear him interacting with the kids...and their squeals of delight!

Frustratingly....as one of my educator friends pointed out on her Facebook status....it seems like Santa is not enough to keep kids in line this time of year....when I was little, my parents just had to threaten us with "Santa is watching!" and we were quickly reminded that if we were rotten, we would get nothing for Christmas....But now, it seems like that is not enough.

I'm only saying this because last week was wild!! The week before Christmas usually is...I needed an extra dose of patience.

I've heard so much about the the elf on a shelf is so adorable and it is such a cute idea...It just seems like those little elves that jump from spot to spot each night after reporting to the north pole, are necessary to making kids believe that someone is really watching.....

'Santa' by himself isn't magical enough...to influence today's youth the way he used to.....

At any rate (elf on a shelf or not)....I am on the NICE list this year....Santa check it twice...and confirmed!

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